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SELMAI Denim Dog Jacket Small Coats Classic Simply Dog Apparel Pet Costume Male Puppy Clothes Blue S

Our Asia size S / US size XXS: ( Neck: 23cm/9inch Back: 20cm/8inch Chest: 32cm/12.5inch ) Perfect for every day wear,classisc design for boy dogs Comfy and soft hooidies, machine-washable for easy care Easy on and easy off with button closure.

Product Description*Measuring Your Dog for a Perfect Fit*1.Your baby usually wears size S […]

can a male boxer (large) breed with a small jack russell terrior?

I have a small jack female who went into her first heat, she got out and a very large boxer may have mated with her. My concern is can she actually breed with that size dog and will it kill her to deliver the puppies?

Does anyone know where I can find a male jack russell terrier that I can breed with mine?

Adopting a 3 year old male dog and housebreaking?

I was thinking about adopting this chihuahua mix (Maybe some Pekingese) neutered male. He isn’t a small one more like 10-20 pounds.

His owner before left him outside all day and then gave him up when his place didn’t allow pets anymore.

I was wondering if you think it will be hard to potty train […]

Can a Female Teacup Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) breed with a Male Jack Russell Terrier?

My friend has a female Teacup Yorkie and I have a Male Jack…I am just curious as to if they could breed…could they? Keep in mind it is a TEACUP yorkie!! So I don’t know if it would be healthy to do with an average sized jack? Thanks!

How can I find a female Jack Russell Terrier to breed with my male?

I am an avid JRT lover. I own two, a 10 year old female and a 4 year old male. I would love to breed him, but have no idea how to go about this. Please help!