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Perfect Timing – Avalanche 2014 Jack Russell Terriers Wall Calendar, 12 Month

12 month format (January 2014 – December 2014) Full color artwork Brass grommet for hanging Linen embossed paper stock 12″w x 24″ h opened

Product DescriptionA Jack Russel Terrier is hard to resist. This breed is one of energy, intelligence, and full of love. With a reputation for premium-quality calendars featuring exquisite photography and […]

I need help training my 6 month old jack russell terrier?

She was a runaway and we found her at around 2 months, she is way to hyper and nips at everyone’s clothes. We have chew toys for her but nothing seems to work. She also relieves herself when and where ever she pleases.

at wat age can i start breeding my 5 month old pure breed jack russell terrier???

I have an 19 month old Jack Russell Terrier and I want to breed him?

I am looking for someone with a female Jack Russell interested in breeding her. He is short legs and very handsome. Or is there a website where I can find him a girlfriend? A couple of friends are in love with my dog, they can’t have babies and are looking for one dog that looks […]