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Pest Control : Natural Way to Get Rid of Fleas

In order to get rid of fleas in a natural way, it’s important to understand the life cycle of fleas, because they are almost impossible to kill in their pupa…

Pest Control Tips : Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

A natural way to get rid of fleas is to sprinkle salt or a product called Borax on carpets, allow the fleas to dry out, and then vacuum after a few days. Eliminate fleas in a house without using chemicals by following instructions from a certified exterminator and arborist in this free video on […]

Pet Shampoo – All Natural Pet Scents Herbal Shampoo – Promotes Healthy Skin & Fur and Gets Rid of Fleas

Promotes Healthy Skin & Fur Gets rid of fleas & other insects Moisturizes and cleans while leaving a soft, shiny, manageable coat Draws out old loose hair for less shedding Can be used on People, too!

Product DescriptionAn herbal shampoo designed to promote healthy skin & fur. It moisturizes and cleans while leaving a […]