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if i buy two baby jack Russell terriers will they get along when they are older.?

when i move Im going to buy two male baby jack Russell terriers and i want to know if they will get along when they are older. would i have to train them to get along?

Older Dog, Crate Training and Dog Socialization?

Alright, for the longest time I wasn’t aloud to take my dog out to any dog parks or do any real crate training with my dog. My stupid Dad wouldn’t let me take him anywhere with other dogs, and he didn’t believe in positive crate training, so whenever I wasn’t around and he did something […]

Housebreaking Older Lhasa Apsos

Whether you have a young pup or an older Lhasa Apsos one of the most important lessons to teach is house training.

Housebreaking puppy will take time, they are just a baby and have limited to no control over their bladder or bowels but this will improve as they start to mature. Start by taking […]