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How or what can you do to prevent two female Jack Russell Terriers from fighting?

Sometimes our 3 female Jack Russell Terriers fight over stuff ,people or space.Mostly it’s a two dog fight but sometimes it’s 3. The dogs are 3-4 years old, 2-3 years and 8 months old.

Is there anything we can do to stop them from fighting and drawing blood on their beautiful coats and faces? […]

How long do you have to keep a dog in crate training? Also will this prevent “excitement dribbles?

We rescued out adult aussie/husky mix, Remmy, from the pound last weedend and we soon figured out she wasn’t potty trained yet. So, I read through my dog training book and searched on the internet, and came up with this “crate training method”. My dad bought her a good sized crate and this is the […]

how do you prevent accidents in the dog kennel during crate training?

my dog is a male and 9months old,he is from a shelter, and were crate training him. well this morning and yesterday morning he went poo in his kennel, and there not supposed to poo or urine where they sleep. what can i do to prevent that…or what is the next step?