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Should i adopt a Jack Russell Terrier?

there’s this really cute puppy at an animal shelter i want to adopt, im not sure because shes a jack russell and there hiper. plus i don’t know much about there breed. Any suggestions? thanks for everyones answers. im looking for a good jogging partner, im a very active person and a dog with energy […]

How big should the crate be when crate training?

I bought a collapsible crate from petco for our new jack russle puppy. I bought it big enough so it will fit him comfortably as an adult dog as well. Was that a mistake? I ask because I was told in order to potty train a puppy using the crate training method the crate needs […]

JACK RUSSELL TERRIER DVD: Everything You Should Know + Dog & Puppy Training Bonus

Product DescriptionPet Video Library Books on Video presents the JACK RUSSELL TERRIER. This DVD contains Everything You Should Know about the breed and covers: History & Development – We’ll take you through the early history of the Jack Russell Terrier. You’ll learn the breed’s origin and how the Jack Russell was used in the […]

Should I leave some water in the dog crate (crate training)?

I am trying to potty train my dog. I was told to leave her in a crate while I am away at work and let her out when I get home so she learns to go outside. I have tried many other methods like rubbing her face in it and spanking her and nothing worked. […]

My dog ate a moldy cheese and ham sandwich, should I be worried?

My brother is watching my dog while I am out of town. He called me to tell me that my dog ate a sandwhich in his trash can a couple of days old. My dog is about 12lbs. He is a jack russell terrior mix. Should I be worried? Could he be sick? Just to […]

Should i be crate training my dog?

I have a golden retriever and he is going to be nine months old soon. He is a very loyal dog and very well behaved when we are home. We never really crate trained him from day one and i know that is wrong and we have a crate and all. He never pottys in […]

Should I wait for the Jack Russell Terrier?

OK, I’m going to buy a pure bred jack russell terrier tomorrow. My dad said he knows a friend that sells champion bred Jack Russells. But before I can get one of those “champion breed” I need to wait for 2 more weeks. I really want a Jack Russell. Should I wait? Is there any […]

Dog Breeding – What You Should Know

Dog Breeding – What You Should Know

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How fast should you start Crate Training ur Dog?

I’m getting an 8 week old puppy and how long should i wait before crait training him or like start right away. HELP ME!

When should I expect to see results when housebreaking my puppy?

I have a 14 week old female pug. We have started taking her out to go to the bathroom and use the phrase, “Potty Out” for it. I know she is a bit young to start housebreaking, but we figured why not get a start. How long does it normally take? I know every breed […]