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Positive reinforcement as I start crate training an adult dog, training tips and ideas needed?

Back story- We rescued an Alaskan Malamute from an animal hoarder- she was in real bad shape when we got her.. Emaciated and easily 40lbs underweight, bacterial and fungal infection in both ears, Staph infection on her skin, etc. We fixed her up nicely! About 3 months ago we had our first “real issue” with […]

how old does my great dane puppy has to be to start housebreaking?

i have a 2month old great dane and i was wondering when he should start housebreaking? (i don’t want to use the crate cause its obvious he’s gonna grow out of it since they are giant breeds) also, does those housebreaking pads work? tips would come in handy 🙂 thank you!

How fast should you start Crate Training ur Dog?

I’m getting an 8 week old puppy and how long should i wait before crait training him or like start right away. HELP ME!

at wat age can i start breeding my 5 month old pure breed jack russell terrier???

When should the estrus (or “Season” or “Heat”) start to breed a Jack Russell Terrier?

From what age should I start professional training for my Jack Russell Terrier?

She is 3 months old and doesn’t listen, just does what she wants.