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how do i stop mydog barking in his crate in a morning?

Hi. My dog is crate trained has been since he been a pup he see’s it as his comfort if hes poorly or tired he goes in there without us telling him too, Hes only ever in at night or when we go out due to him being a typical Labrador and eating everything not […]

Puppy Obedience Training – How to Stop Your Dog from Nipping and Biting

www.puppyobediencetrainingtips.net This article on Puppy Obedience Training provides interesting and effective tips on how to stop your little puppy from biting and nipping at things and becoming unsafe for your children.

How to bath a jack Russell terriers and to stop it from being afraid of the water?

I have a jack Russell terrier and i wanted to know how to bath it. it was also very afraid of the water. even i let her enjoy her bath and give her treats, she will not come to bath. what would i do? and when i bath it, will i also make her head […]

My Jack Russell terrier loves to lick my arm, or hand, or face. How can I stop him from doing this?

Mismo is a boy…well, an IT, really; he’s been neutered since before we got him. He’s almost 17 months old, and should be fully grown at 24 months. We have NEVER abused him–he’s our baby!!–and the people who raised him were good to him (we were second owners). We play with him a good portion […]

Poochie-Bells SOLID BLACK, The Original Designer Dog Doorbell, Stop unwanted accidents from your Pooch- Effective, safe and decorative potty training tool! A proven training method with over a 95% success rate and endorsed by trainers and breeders. Easy to implement with step by step directions included. Designed for all breeds and ages of dogs. This design, “Black” is from the Classic line of Poochie-Bells and features a solid black grosgrain ribbon.

Stop those unwanted accidents by your Poochie – Easily bell train your dog with easy to follow instructions included Professionally endorsed by trainers and breeders Any size and age dog can use effectively Portable, no messy installation or batteries. Proudly made in the USA Made of single, grosgrain ribbon with durable bells manufactured with […]

how can you train a jack russell terrier to stop running away? They are an energetic dog, I know.?

We’ve had terriers all our lives. Most of ours have been mellow, and very people oriented and they have always stayed in our yard or next to us. I am now adopting a 2-yr. old jack russell from our local shelter. He’s potty-trained and that’s about it. I know he loves all the sights and […]

Why did my housebroken dog defecate in the house? How to stop from happening again?

My 15-month-old dog, a chihuahua (possible terrier) mix, just defecated in the house. That hasn’t happened since he was a little puppy, and even then he barely ever had accidents in the house; he took to housebreaking very easily. He didn’t seem sick or unhappy; why would he do this and how can we stop […]

How To Stop a Dog From Barking While Crate Training

www.DogTrainingWizard.net A Video On How To Stop a Dog From Barking While Crate Training. You can see more dog crate training videos on http

Tips on training a 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier, (Toilet training and stop him jumping up at the door)?

Well here is what we do as a family

I bathe, walk and play with him. My Dad feed, and plays with him. My Mum gives him his water and plays with him.

The only thing is we can’t train him to go on his toilet area. We have an area at the back of […]

Trying To Stop Jack Russell Terrier From Sleeping With Us


My boyfriend has allowed his wonderful, very well-behaved Jack Russell, who is two years old, to sleep not just on but in his bed. We are trying to teach her to sleep in her bed which is on the floor by our bed but it’s proving very difficult! She’s managed to sleep there until […]