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when crate training a dog how do you keep them from going potty in the crate?

I take him out all the time to go potty and he knows to go out side, but when he gets to run around the house he is like a “turdene” and slips and poops somewhere…..and when he is in his crate he just goes potty in there!!!! I my wits end! he is bout […]

My dog has grease stains on her fur! How do I get them out?

Well I guess my dog (Jack Russell Terrior) crawled under our car because she has grease stains on her shoulder, ear, and the top of her head. I tried giving her a bath, and it helped a little. Mainly with the shoulder and head. But the ear didn’t make that much progress. Please help! Also, […]

When potty training a puppy, does it help to have them with a dog who is already house broken?

Will having a potty training puppy trainee together with a dog who is already house trained help them catch on quicker? How much time do you give your puppy outside when taken out to “potty” My puppy will sometimes start playing, so I just take her back in and try again a little later. Is […]