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Dog crate-training disaster – how can I fix this?!?

My family just yesterday adopted an 8 mo. old male puppy who has never been housebroken. I started him with crate-training with some success – he whined a bit but was fairly comfortable being in the crate without us in the room. Today, my boyfriend made the unfortunate mistake of forcing the dog into the […]

What is the average life spand for this dog?

My dog is a mix between a miniature jack russell terrior, and a miniature exkimo spitz. Can you tell me how long the average life spand is for my dog? (This dog is not an american eskimo it is just regular miniature eskimo spitz and JTR.)

My Jack Russell terrier loves to lick my arm, or hand, or face. How can I stop him from doing this?

Mismo is a boy…well, an IT, really; he’s been neutered since before we got him. He’s almost 17 months old, and should be fully grown at 24 months. We have NEVER abused him–he’s our baby!!–and the people who raised him were good to him (we were second owners). We play with him a good portion […]

Poochie-Bells SOLID BLACK, The Original Designer Dog Doorbell, Stop unwanted accidents from your Pooch- Effective, safe and decorative potty training tool! A proven training method with over a 95% success rate and endorsed by trainers and breeders. Easy to implement with step by step directions included. Designed for all breeds and ages of dogs. This design, “Black” is from the Classic line of Poochie-Bells and features a solid black grosgrain ribbon.

Stop those unwanted accidents by your Poochie – Easily bell train your dog with easy to follow instructions included Professionally endorsed by trainers and breeders Any size and age dog can use effectively Portable, no messy installation or batteries. Proudly made in the USA Made of single, grosgrain ribbon with durable bells manufactured with […]

Am thinking of getting a Jack Russell terrier, what are the merits/demerits of this breed and characteristics.

How long do you have to keep a dog in crate training? Also will this prevent “excitement dribbles?

We rescued out adult aussie/husky mix, Remmy, from the pound last weedend and we soon figured out she wasn’t potty trained yet. So, I read through my dog training book and searched on the internet, and came up with this “crate training method”. My dad bought her a good sized crate and this is the […]

My jack russell terrier seems to have a mind of her own. Any suggestions or tips for training this breed?

I live in India, Mumbai and want to buy a Jack Russell Terrier. How can I find out if this breed is avaliable?

I live in an apartment and am 17 yrs old and the dog will be alone at home for around 2-4 hrs a day. My mom is really scared of dogs and hates when they bark. I dont have any yard and I live in a city. I had first decided on a labrador but […]

Jack Russell Terrier – the Facts Every Owner of This Dog Breed Should Know

Originally bred in the 19th century by Parson Jack Russell, an avid hunter, selected traits that would assist him in hunting. Working dogs, Jack Russell Terriers were bred to be fearless and feisty to flush out prey from the forest, particular foxes. As a working dog, Jack Russell Terriers tend to have an athletic build […]

Housebreaking Puppies – Is crate training for you? – Read this first to find out

Having those indoor puppy accidents should not get in the way of one of the greatest pleasures in life this is why housebreaking your puppies is a great way to start training. I think one of the great pleasures in life, is owning a pet, especially a dog. I love all animals, shapes and sizing, […]