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Jack Russell Terriers Want Squirrels

Squirrels drive Jack Russell terriers nuts.

My Jack Russell Terrier is being stubborn and doesn’t want to be potty trained?

I have tried every trick in the book and I’m getting close, but she is old enough to have learned. She loves to stay outdoor, but I think she forgets what she out there for and then comes back in and soils. I got that pretty well under control and then she has been messing […]

I live in India, Mumbai and want to buy a Jack Russell Terrier. How can I find out if this breed is avaliable?

I live in an apartment and am 17 yrs old and the dog will be alone at home for around 2-4 hrs a day. My mom is really scared of dogs and hates when they bark. I dont have any yard and I live in a city. I had first decided on a labrador but […]

I have an 19 month old Jack Russell Terrier and I want to breed him?

I am looking for someone with a female Jack Russell interested in breeding her. He is short legs and very handsome. Or is there a website where I can find him a girlfriend? A couple of friends are in love with my dog, they can’t have babies and are looking for one dog that looks […]