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Whats something you never thought you would do or feel before owning a dog?

Since you are not allowed to answer your own question, my friend told me she never imagined crate training a dog,she thought it was cruel and unnecessary.When she finally owned her own dog ,she realized crate training is great .Before owning a dog,my friend thought people who loved thier dogs so much were a bit […]

What’s the difference between Parson Jack Russell terriers, and Irish Jack Russell Terriers?

I’m getting a dog soon, and I think I’m going to choose a Jack Russell Terrier. I know there are two different types, so if you could give me some differences between them that would be great.

whats the best way to break habits while housebreaking my puppy?

i have a 2 month old pomeranian and im trying to housebreak him. i always take him out right after i feed him or give him water and i keep him outside for about an hour but my problem is that it doesnt matter how long i have him outside because he wont go potty […]

What’s excatly crate training and how do you train your dog to crate?

do you have to put papers in there?

im really clueless links to help me!!