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A house is not a home without Jack Russell Terrier – 5″ x 10″ Door Sign

Over 60 different cute breeds to choose from

Product DescriptionA perfect plaque to d?cor your home, and hang in any room to show the passion about this cute dog breed. Indoor only. Over 60 different breeds to choose from. Size: 5”x10” & Made in USA… More >>

A house is not a home without […]

how can I toilet train my dog without crate training ?

I have a boy Maltese x west highland terrier ( 15 weeks ) and he keeps doing his business in the house, sometimes he goes outside and I praise him but patting him saying good boy and by giving him a treat by sometimes he still does it outside, how should I punish him and […]

Can I get rid fleas out of my carpet without a vacuum?

I don’t know how I go them I don’t have any pets.

House training a one year old dog without a crate!?

I have tried everything with my dog. I take him out all the time, sometimes for hours at a time. I have read books and everything. When I take him out he goes sometimes, but usually as soon as we get back inside he goes inside toO! I praise him for going outside when he […]