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Does my plan for potty training puppy sound like it’d work?

I plan to crate train puppy. but when we go outside i think i want to put pee pads on certain areas since i heard the smell attracts the puppy?

would that work? ive never had a dog before so i really have no idea how i’m going to potty train him.

How does crate training a dog work?

I gave up on this method of potty training. Apparently your dog is supposed to learn to hold the pee/poo until morning, right? Well my Pomeranian pup didn’t. I always found poo in her crate, and it’s not a big crate, it’s the right size. Should I try again putting her in the crate again? […]

When housebreaking a puppy do you need to put the pup in a crate? or will a specific area work as well?

my puppy is 2 months old, in one week i have 70% established in his mind his sleep area and his eating area. however everything i read about housebreaking says i need a crate to place the dog in to train him. is a crate or cage necessary?

Jack Russell Terrier Training – Housebreaking Tips That Work

My Jack Russell Terrier Vinny was full of playful energy when I first brought him home. He was 12 weeks old, confident and fearless. And though he had flawless breeding there was one little challenge I had to face – housebreaking my new pet.

Now in theory housebreaking is simple. It is a means […]