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Whats something you never thought you would do or feel before owning a dog?

Since you are not allowed to answer your own question, my friend told me she never imagined crate training a dog,she thought it was cruel and unnecessary.When she finally owned her own dog ,she realized crate training is great .Before owning a dog,my friend thought people who loved thier dogs so much were a bit […]

Have you ever had a dog you thought would never be housebroken?

Did you housebreak it eventually? What did you do?

I really don’t need a lesson in housebreaking. I do know how to housebreak dogs and want to hear from people who have had a difficult to housebreak dog.

Pet Tease “What Would Scooby Do?” Dog Tank, Medium, Blue

Ribbed spandex Stretches 1 to 2 inches for easy fit Fits dog comfortably Made in the USA Washable

Product DescriptionPet Tease” What Would Scooby Do?” Dog Tank is made with a ribbed spandex material and stretches to fit your dog, Medium, Blue, fits dogs 10 to 12 inches from neck to tail… More >>


Would a jack russell terrier be a good dog breed to be a running companion?

What would the temperment of a Jack Russell Terrier and MinPin mixed breed dog be?

I would love to see pics of this mixed breed! We just welcomed the cutest Jack/MinPin mix home!