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Koko – one year old Jack Russell Terrier doing tricks

Kilka sztuczek, które potrafi Koko 🙂

Bringing a 10 year old Jack Russell into my home..?

…Oh boy.

So as a death wish, a family friend has asked us to take his 10 year old Jack Russell Terrior, because he has nowhere else to send this dog.

…We’ve met the dog before, and he is very, very kind natured, and we even noticed that for a Jack Russell, he doesn’t bark […]

Safest way to get rid of fleas in a house with a 3 year old in the house?

I need the safest, fastest way to get rid fleas in a house I’m guessing we brought the fleas in when we were outside playing with the dog and my daughter picked up a stray kitten. I’ve treated our dog and there are no animals in the house, just trying to get the darn things […]

House training a one year old dog without a crate!?

I have tried everything with my dog. I take him out all the time, sometimes for hours at a time. I have read books and everything. When I take him out he goes sometimes, but usually as soon as we get back inside he goes inside toO! I praise him for going outside when he […]

Tips on training a 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier, (Toilet training and stop him jumping up at the door)?

Well here is what we do as a family

I bathe, walk and play with him. My Dad feed, and plays with him. My Mum gives him his water and plays with him.

The only thing is we can’t train him to go on his toilet area. We have an area at the back of […]

Does anyone have a Jack Russell Terrier stud I can breed my 2 year old female Jack Russell Terrier with?

I am located in RI, so somewhere in RI,or Massachusetts would be great.

How hard is house training a one year old, farm raised, Jack Russell Terrier?

I have a wonderful JRT named Chance, whom is loved by everyone he comes in contact with. He is well temepered and very sweet natured. My sister is seeking a puppy from Chances’ blood-line. We’ve waited for several years now (Chance is 2, almost 3) and we finally got a call about a one year […]

Adopting a 3 year old male dog and housebreaking?

I was thinking about adopting this chihuahua mix (Maybe some Pekingese) neutered male. He isn’t a small one more like 10-20 pounds.

His owner before left him outside all day and then gave him up when his place didn’t allow pets anymore.

I was wondering if you think it will be hard to potty train […]